[PD] coll object

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Thu Dec 13 17:28:53 CET 2007

Derek Holzer wrote:
> Did you use [col] to create the textfile? Or is it a random textfile? 
> Formatting is important. A sample:
> 1, ah_yes.wav;
> 2, hokoji.loop.wav;
> 3, kenchoji.loop.wav;
> Maybe try to format it in this way?

Or if it's plain text, use "read file.txt" (for ';'-terminated messages) 
or "read cr file.txt" (for one message per line) and [textfile].

Then output one at a time with "rewind" and "bang", iirc.

However, if you need random access, then indeed [textfile] is 
insufficient and/or inefficient.

Hope this helps,


> d.
> Donal Carey wrote:
>> Hi all
>> Apoligies if this is not the correct place for asking these sorts of 
>> questions.
>> Can the 'coll' object read items from a text file?
>> What I want to do is have several messages stored in a textfile, load 
>> them into coll and then output them one at a time. Is this possible, 
>> everytime I try and load a text file into coll I get the error ...
>> "coll: bad atom
>> error (miXed): coll: error reading text file 'C:/Documents and 
>> Settings/Donal/Desktop/pd project/clips/masterText.txt"
>> Thanks and regards
>> Donal


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