[PD] windows latency down to 15 milliseconds

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Fri Dec 14 11:51:38 CET 2007

thought i'd add some more to this:

>> Sigmatel, it works great. Second, by setting windows xp to run pd at
>> real-time priority. You do this by right clicking the pd process in windows
>> taskmaster and setting it to real time. 

there's a nice little command line utility called "process.exe" that allows you to set 
application priorities from the command line. so - no need to open the taskmanager and 
right-click something.

i used it several times with the "system" object from the motex library:


(for whatever reason, the DOS "start" command which is suppposed to be able to pass a 
priority flag to the started application didn't work with PD.)

good to hear that you guys had good experioences with asio4all and PD. i can remember that 
it had some stability issues with MAX/MSP when i tried it once.



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