[PD] generatiing a keypress

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Sun Dec 16 06:57:51 CET 2007

Patrice Colet a écrit :

>> Thanks Roman,
>> I'm working on  Linux and sometimes forced to use Windows so I would be
>> looking for a solution in both. I'll have a look at aalex. Anyone know
>> of a Windows solution?
>> Jim 
>  With VkKeyScan() function
> http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms646329.aspx

  keybd_event() seems to be more suitable, is this attached external 
provide what you need?
  I might try also to give [winkey] the same behavior as [x11key] for 
having a compatible external, for the moment it was simplier for me to 
use ascii character strings for sending key strokes.
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