[PD] string padding

Andy Graybeal andy.graybeal at casanueva.com
Sun Dec 16 20:54:20 CET 2007


i'd like to pad a string... say for instance i want to pad the string
"andy" and "ian" to be able to have a total of 10 characters, and the
padding character will be an underscore.  so the end result would add 6
underscores to the string "andy" and seven underscores to the string

i poked around through extended and did a search on the list archives for
"character pad" and "string pad", nothing came up in the archives, and the
only things i found in extended are mrpeach's [str] help examples, and
moocow's [string2any], [any2string] help examples.  it looks like
mrpeach's stuff is the closest to what i want, but i don't think it's what
i want.  after tofofmtl introduced me to pdmtl, i expected there would be
some string handling in to coincide with the list stuff they have too, but
nothing there.


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