[PD] Help: computer dead + dropouts on hdsp pcmcia card on OsX+pdext

Joao Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 16 20:58:01 CET 2007


two days ago our tour in Portugal began (www.endphase.net), and on the day
of the first concert my computer (thinkpad r41) just died on me. When I turn
on the power, the led lights up and the computer starts to vibrate, but the
screens remains black and doesn't go any further - no bios show, no boot, no
nothing. I had 2 questions:

- I installed my rme hdsp pcmcia card on a friends OsX (don't know now which
one, but I think the latest one), and also pd-ext (latest stable version).
Audio worked, but there were constant dropouts that wouldn't disappear (and
there seemed to be more dropouts there when there was more audio, and
specially more with held sounds).
Do you know what might be causing the dropouts, and what could be done for

- the dead computer turned on already a couple of times, but isn't stable. I
suspect it's the motherboard, which could mean it can be trashed. Some other
causes could be the hard disk (I'm not sure about this, since the bios
splash screen doesn't show up) and the power source. Any hints about this
subject as well?



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