[PD] How to use CVS (was: Granular Synthesis Study)

Phil Stone pkstone at ucdavis.edu
Mon Dec 17 00:18:19 CET 2007

[polypoly] (note, no tilde) is in abstractions/footils/foo/.  You'll 
need polypoly-wrap.pd, too.  Get anything of the pattern *poly* from 
this directory if you want help files and all.

[polypoly] is based on [nqpoly], but I find it much more useful, as it 
manages voice allocation/deallocation.

Phil Stone

Uğur Güney wrote:
> # Hi,
> # I looked at http://pure-data.cvs.sourceforge.net/pure-data/ There 
> are lots of externals and abstractions there. (Most of which I 
> saw/remember in Pd-Extended package)
> # I found [nqpoly4] here: 
> http://pure-data.cvs.sourceforge.net/pure-data/abstractions/nqpoly/nqpoly4/ 
> by browsing the folders. But couldn't find [polypoly~]. Is there an 
> easier way to download a whole folder, instead of opening a patch's 
> own page and clicking download. And how can I search through this CVS 
> archive? Do I need a special software for this kind of jobs?
> -ugur-
>     > # In my PD distro (0.39.2-extended-test7 ) [polypoly~],
>     [nqpoly4]  does not
>     > exist. So I can't use them.
>     They are just abstractions, you could get them from CVS and then use
>     them. Both really help with creating and managing many copies of an
>     abstraction.
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