[PD] timing question

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Dec 17 17:53:02 CET 2007

Derek Holzer wrote:
> So now that 
> I've been told that actually DSP objects are "slower", it shakes up my 
> world view a bit, so I'm looking for new metaphors to get it back 
> together ;-)

all the "slower" vs "faster" is non-sense.

signals are handled in a _synchronous_ way (they have to process 44100 
samples per second; synchronized with the soundcard); they do this 
continuosly (once you have started the audio-engine they will process 
44100 samples/sec until the end of the world, or the audio engine gets 

messages are handled in an _asynchronous_ way: "they happen on demand!"; 
they might occur every now and then; two messages might occur at the 
same logical time,...

so all in all, messages are way more powerful than signals.

unfortunately, CPU is not.
that is one reason, why the oh-so-powerful messages are not used for 
signal processing.


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