[PD] timing question

Yvan Vander Sanden yvan at youngmusic.org
Mon Dec 17 21:34:43 CET 2007

Thanks for all the answers. The first ones were a lot of help, and 
although it seemed to me that you were all talking in tongues after 
that, it sure sounds interesting.

I checked out the tcpclient code by martin peach. The thread solution 
could be useful, but i also spotted something else: t_clock, clock_new 
etc. I think that is exactly what i need.

Until now I always used the end of Ioannes's externals tutorial as sort 
of a reference guide. I should have read that he only talks about some 
important functions, and not about all of them.

Now for the new question: is there a complete reference guide somewhere 
for pd types and functions you can use in externals? I did not really 
find one yet. But maybe I'm looking in the wrong places? (I'm somewhat 
hoping I don't have to scan through m_pd.h myself yet.)



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