[PD] Release of PdSVN Alpha 1

Luke Iannini (pd) lukexipd at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 07:44:13 CET 2007

Hello everyone,
I've been working on a library for subversion support within Pd.  I
thought I'd upload the first working alpha to get some feedback, since
I'd like everyone to be happy with how it operates.

The basic idea is that you spawn [pdsvn] inside the patch you're
working on.  It acts as a svn status indicator as well as a control
center for svn operations upon that patch.  So, if the patch is
unversioned, it will let you add it to the repository, then commit
(asking for a log message on the way).  If it's already versioned, it
will let you diff changes to your working copy to the Pd Console, as
well as commit those changes.

A version that works on directories rather than individual patches is planned.

It's a bit tricky, since I'm using a modified version of Jamie
Bullock's [getpatchname] that lets me get the filename of the parent
patch (so that [pdsvn] knows what patch it's living in).  I've
included the source for that as well as binaries for PPC and Intel OS

Besides that, it needs zexy, toxy (for detecting when a patch is
saved, thanks HCS for pointing that out) and [popen].  A nonblocking
version would need [shell], but [shell] is horribly unstable (as I
learned while attempting to use it for this).  Pd 0.40 and up.


(oh, clicking the SVN logo will refresh the status, but I'm trying to
make it detect most changes that would require a refresh.)
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