[PD] Recording question

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Tue Dec 18 12:30:36 CET 2007

Well, I think the iMic definitely counts as one of the cheapest 
soundcards on the market, so I'm sure that the problems discussed on the 
website could occur. Mismatched sample rates can actually crash the 
audio drivers if they drift too far apart, as well as cause noticeable 
phase shifting. Maybe this Aggregate Audio program which Claude mentions 
can help you. Please report back, especially on whether or not high 
frequency phasing happens with this approach. I'm curious.


tania habib wrote:
> Hi Derek,
> I am working on Mac Pro osx 10.4, I have not tried the two different
> soundcards option, we use the multichannel sound card for our
> recordings.
> But we wanted to try the recording with iMic's, do you know a link or
> a way to link two or multiple iMics together?

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