[PD] Recording question

Georg Holzmann grh at mur.at
Wed Dec 19 13:50:28 CET 2007

tania habib schrieb:
> Well now I am facing a problem, I guess I was too excited to really
> check whether this option worked properly or not!
> The problem is that I have a patch in Pd, where I am using adc~,
> writesf~ to write the streaming data into wave files.
> When I initialize Pd, it recognizes the aggregate device, I click on
> it and select the no. of channels to the total no. of inputs I have
> with the aggregate device, say 8.
> When I start the recording and finish it. Open the wav files in
> audacity, only two channels seems to be active the rest have nothing
> in them!

How did you use writesf ? Did you specify the number of channels ?
If not look at the help patch of writesf ...


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