[PD] Creating auidioengines for games using PD

Thomas Jeppesen jeppesen at skydebanen.net
Wed Dec 19 14:01:31 CET 2007


If I wanted to use PD to build an audio-engine for a game, how would the 
copyrights work if the game I was creating the engine for were commercial?

Also, and I know this is going to be sensitive to some people in this 
community, but lets have the discussion anyway, I don't like the idea 
about anybody being able to open the audio-engine that I have created 
for a commercial game, as easy as they would any PD-patch out there. And 
I'm sure the people I would be working for would hate the Idea. Is there 
an easy or ”normal” solution to locking a patch so it can't be opened by 

I know that PD has been used in the production of the music-engine for 
Spore, but I havn't been able to find details about this particular 
project. Does anybody know anything about it that they could share with us?

I read a post from Andy Farnell on the sound design mailing list, that 
EA had created their own version of PD for Spore, is that the only way 
to go about it if
you wanted to use PD in a commercial production?

And last but not least, are there any other know commercial products 
(games primarily) out there that has used PD as the audioengine?


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