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Apologies if people tried to register before today, the 
xxxxx at clubtransmediale.de email address was not working properly. 
Registration is now open.

best from Berlin!

Derek Holzer wrote:
> xxxxx-workshops: [in]tolerance
> 29 Janaury - 2 February 2008
> Club Transmediale
> Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin
> xxxxx-workshops: [in]tolerance presents a series of constructivist
> workshops specially programmed for the ClubTransmediale 2008 festival,
> emphasising making and connection within the field of the existent.
> Workshops are led by international, field-expert practitioners,
> extending over realms of environmental code, noise, signal transmission,
> reception, and electromysticism. The workshops will utilise household
> materials and chemistry, readily-available electronics components, free
> software and the GNU toolbase.
> Over the course of five days, participants will have the opportunity to
> construct a set of various electronic audiovisual artifacts (being
> either code or hardware) with which a final presentation/performance
> will be made. In learning how to create complex sound and image
> generators from the most basic elements, the participants will explore
> liminal electronic experiences and intriguing phenomena where
> carefully-engineered borders and parameters are twisted and
> transgressed, producing unexpected results in performance.
> Workshops:
> 29.1. NOISE_PRODUCE by Martin Howse (UK) & Martin Kunetz (DE)
> 30.1. ONE BIT MUSIC by Frederik Olofsson (SE)
> 31.1. DIGITAL THEREMIN WORKSHOP by Andrei Smirnov (RU) & Derek Holzer
> (US/NL)
> 01.2. CHAOS IN NODES AND NETWORKS by Jessica Rylan (US)
> 02.2. BASTARD NATURES by Alejandra Nuñes Perez (CL)
> The series takes inspiration from and continues the development of the
> (semi)weekly xxxxx workshops held at the Pickled Feet space in Berlin
> over the last year. It is supported by Arduino.
> Theme:
> "...in the good old days of Shannon's mathematical theory of
> information, the maximum of information coincided strangely with maximal
> unpredictability or noise..." [Friedrich Kittler: There is no software]
> Engineers and scientists are concerned with prediction and thus
> predictability. Inside black-boxed apparatus the faint markings of
> tolerance, deviations from a predictable scenario towards the encryption
> of noise, can well be observed by the wily artist. Technology is thus
> exposed as a material expressing a certain chaos, pure noise of all
> voices. In return, materiality and an artistic concern with the matter
> of technology allows for the entry of the unpredictable, environmental
> noise within an otherwise closed circuit or economy.
> Registration:
> xxxxx-workshops is open to anyone, from novice to experienced electronic
> artist. The workshops will be held in English. You can register for
> single workshops or for the whole series. In addition to the actual
> daily workshops, a free open work-area gives everyone opportunity to
> pursue projects begun in one of the workshops over the course of five
> days. The registration fee for a single workshop is 10.- EUR, the fee
> for the series of all five workshops is 30.- EUR.
> For descriptions of the workshops and workshop leaders go to:
> http://www.clubtransmediale.de/club-transmediale/xxxxx-workshops.html
> You can register till January 14, 2008, by sending an email to:
> xxxxx at clubtransmediale.de
> Please don't forget to indicate which of the workshops you wish to attend.
> xxxxx-workshops: [in]tolerance is curated by Martin Howse and Derek
> Holzer, and produced by Jan Rolf and Anke Eckhardt for Club Transmediale.

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