[PD] Creating auidioengines for games using PD

Russell Bryant russell at russellbryant.net
Thu Dec 20 06:19:11 CET 2007

Chris McCormick wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 19, 2007 at 02:01:31PM +0100, Thomas Jeppesen wrote:
>> If I wanted to use PD to build an audio-engine for a game, how would the 
>> copyrights work if the game I was creating the engine for were commercial?
> Pd uses the BSD license which essentially gives you the freedom to
> create your own closed source version with your own modifications, as
> long as you include the BSD license text, with Miller's copyright notice
> in your app somewhere. You can find that text in the Pd sources and put
> it in your installer or an 'about' window, or the game's documentation
> for example. That is basically the only requirement of the BSD. (Please
> don't take this as legal advice since I am not a lawyer, and I will not
> be held responsible for anything that happens whatsoever should you
> do anything I might have suggested).

However, it is worth noting that not _all_ of Pd is BSD licensed.  While all of
the core is, a large number of externals are licensed under the GPL.  Also, be
sure to read the exact text in the BSD license distributed with Pd, as there are
many variants that have different sets of requirements.

Russell Bryant

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