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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Fri Dec 21 18:59:07 CET 2007

On Mon, 10 Dec 2007, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> What we really need is regression testing, I think that would make it
> easier to convince Miller to accept patches, and would be a great
> tool for finding bugs.  Matju started that project, any word on that
> Matju?

No, I haven't done much progress. The problem with that thing is that 
no-one wants to do it, not even me. It's hard to consider it a priority as 
much as it should be.

Regression testing is only for past bugs, but you must mean unit tests. I 
would think that regression tests should be integrated with unit tests, 
and that acceptance tests should also be integrated, so this is why I say 
"automatic testing" in general. But I think that it's better to make 
testing part of one's process right now than to wait for anybody else's 
framework. The framework is secondary to actually having any kind of test. 
The framework is only there to factor out common things across separate 

I've been somewhat slowed down by the fact that Pd is missing some 
features like automatic error trapping. It really shows that Pd was not 
designed to be tested, and for that reason, it'll be hard to make a good 
test suite with Pd as it is now. This is why I merged PureUnity with 

>  I'd love to see that in action. :D

I'd also love to see that in action.

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