[PD] My project at IEM

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 22:17:16 CET 2007

Alexandre Quessy wrote:
> Hi,
> 2007/12/21, chris clepper <cgclepper at gmail.com>:
>> Please stop saying this.  These features do work apart from reading texture
>> coordinates from units other than zero.
> Hmm, I have to dig a bit into this. Any example of a GLSL shader with
> mutlitexturing ?

with the 4th shader (glyph...) I run into problems. might also be 
related to hardware stuff (runs better on ati, worse/not on nvidia) but 
is also related to the missing coords of multitex(1), the scale values I 
am feeding are not quite correct.

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