[PD] OT: video camera for detection

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Sat Dec 22 00:52:47 CET 2007

B+W security cameras tend to have lots of manual features. Even on my
elmo presentation camera I can turn off all the auto mechanisms.

I've been happy dealing with elmo as a company, one of the few does not
does make you agree to a license in order to get their serial control


Alexandre Quessy wrote:
> Hi,
> I am shopping for a camera or an installation. :)
> Detection (pix_blob, etc.) requires a camera with a pretty high
> resolution, and I also need to be able to disable auto gain control
> (AGC) and auto iris control (AIC). I guess disabling the auto white
> balance is a good idea too. I looked at matco.com, which has pretty
> afordable cameras. Their SX-920C-HR looks pretty good. It has 480 TV
> lines, which gives more than 720x480 pixels. See
> http://matco.com/pro-camera-1.htm and click on "Technical details"
> under that part number to see the little datasheet.
> I am afraid I cannot disable AGC, though at least I can use a lens
> which has no auto iris. Is that correct ? Do you guys think there is a
> way I can disable that auto iris control ? Otherwise, anyone has a
> camera to suggest ? Thanks a lot !

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