[PD] help with nqpoly4

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Dec 23 12:01:07 CET 2007

Ed Kelly hat gesagt: // Ed Kelly wrote:

> > You need to add the directory containing the abstraction you wrap in
> > "nqpoly4" ($2) to the Pd search path, otherwise "nqpoly4" cannot find
> > it. 
> OK, so now...
> error: Bad arguments for object 'throw~' to object 'objectmaker'
> The only argument I pass it is the name of the throw~/catch~ bus.

But what reaches your [throw~] is the voice number instead. Here is
the nqpoly4 help: 

  usage: nqpoly <number of objects> <abstraction name> <up to 4
  creation args>
  your abstraction is ultimately called with the parameters: <index>
  <number of objects> <arg1> <arg2> <arg3> <arg4>

If you call this: [nqpoly4 16 snoisclickr_poly~ outmono] then
snoisclickr_poly~.pd is your voice abstraction. nqpoly creates 16
instances of the voices with these parameters: [snoisclickr_poly~ <i>
16 outmono] where <i> is a number from 0-15, counted up for each
voice. So inside of "snoisclickr_poly~" $3 is the name of your
throw~-bus, outmono, not $1 as in your patch.

Btw. [polypoly] may be a bit easier to use: You don't need to manually
insert throw~-busses, instead you get two normal [outlet~]s.

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