[PD] complex metronomes sequencing problem

Libero Mureddu libero.mureddu at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 21:08:08 CET 2007

Hello to everybody!

I have a problem and I'd need that someone could point me at least to
the right approach to solve it.

Let's say I have three simple metronomes running, built with metro.
Their speed is 1000 1001 and 1002 ms (in my case I have 88 of them,
running at different speeds).
I'd like to have the possibility to:

a) keep the proportion constant between them and change the global
tempo (i.e. 100, 100.1, 100.2 etc)
b) I'd like to stop and restore the metros with their right time
differences: if they start at the same time (from the same bang), they
create a particular net of rhythms, that I'd like to control, analyze
and change. I'd like to be able to stop them at a certain point and
restart from another but keeping the same rhythmic combination.

I know that this exist and is called sequencer :-)
But I want to control this using pd but I don't know really how to do
it, and also this is the simplest example: some parts could start at a
certain point a change towards a different tempo in a certain time,
having different dynamic according to a particular pattern etc. etc.
So I think pd would a good platform to implement this.

I was thinking to have a global metro running at 1 ms speed with a
counter that reads many different arrays: the first of 1000 values
(the first "1" and the other values "0"), the second of 1001 values
and the third 1002 values and so on.

But this works if I decide in advance the metros speed and leave it
fixed, but I want to be able to modify the speed and still being able
to restart, stop etc.
Other idea was to have many qlists, but again, a note approach would
give the problem of sync between the different notes.

Any help appreciated!

Thanks, best regards and

Merry Christmas!


Libero Mureddu
Vanha Viertotie, 21 as 417
00350 Helsinki

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