[PD] GEM : GLSL Mixer - working 2 channel video mixer example

vade doktorp at mac.com
Mon Dec 24 21:04:32 CET 2007


Here is a 2 channel mixer using overlay blend mode with GLSL. This  
works, is decently fast and gives me the expected result.

If you want more blend modes, feel free to grab them from http://001.vade.info 
  (or elsewhere, most are trivial to figure out)- the glsl shaders for  
the mixers use the same subroutine layout in the glsl, so it is  
trivial to swap. I did not include them out of sheer laziness.

Caveats with PD 0.4.03 Extended nightly from Dec 24th (Mac OS X  
10.5.1, QT 7.3, Intel):

  - had to edit the GLSL program to fix multitexture coordinate issue.  
Only can use the texture dims from the zeroths texture unit.
  - could not get sampler2DRect working at all - only had a single  
texel mapped it seemed.
  - had weird issue where I would sometimes have to close the gemwin  
(0, destroy) and then re create it to see the textures assigned to  
texture units.
	this happened most often after closing and re-opening the patch.

Please see the included question(s) within the PD patch concerning  
using framebuffer to grab the output of the rendered shader and send  
it to yet another shader. Ive included an exposure shader in an  
attempt to make a chain of GLSL effects. I however could not get  
gemframebuffer to output any usable texture after using glslprogram.

Thanks, hope this is helpful to those out there

FUDDLE DUDDLE !@#!@#!@#()*!@#(*@#


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