[PD] GEM : GLSL Mixer - working 2 channel video mixer example

Max Neupert abonnements at revolwear.com
Tue Dec 25 21:13:18 CET 2007

Am 25.12.2007 um 20:53 schrieb vade:
> What is the proper way of handing this in PD/GEM? Sorry for causing a
> crash. I saw your PD Jitter patch, but frankly I think some drop frame
> system should be built into GEM to handle this automatically.

maybe, i guess it's arguably if that's a feature or a bug. or like  
matju described it recently: its more convenient just to call it a  

> Anyway, what kind of powerbook? It may not have the required hardware
> support for the shader, which might be why you are only getting 10fps,
> via software fallback?

no i don't think it's software fallback, it's just slow.
PB 15" G4 1.67 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 AGP 128 MB

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