[PD] mac tascam glitches

Hans Roels hans.roels at versateladsl.be
Tue Dec 25 22:24:09 CET 2007


Does anyone have some experience with the tascam US-122L soundcard 
and PD. I'm trying it on a mac computer (OS X 10.3.9) with PD-vanilla 
(40.2) and I always hear glitches. The soundcard works fine with 
Audacity on that same computer. Changing the latency doesn't help. I 
can hear the glitches (without turning the audio on!) from the moment 
PD is launched and I chose the tascam audio-card in the audio 
settings.  It also didn't help to start PD with the -noadc flag, the 
'crackles' were still there.
I am not used to working on apple-computers,  I hope someone has a 
solution for this problem...

Hans r

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