[PD] Pix_record issue

Olivier Heinry olivier.heinry at manga-burgah.net
Wed Dec 26 19:19:35 CET 2007


there's a problem with the pix_record object which is atm makes it
totally unusable on debian testing. Unofortunately for me , I did a
patch which relies on it, and that used to work until May , and when I
reopened it in December dont work any more. Neither the official Debian
package of Gem nor Pd-extended or CVS compiled version work. I asked
around me a couple of other Pders and actually it doesnt look platform
specific, since that, most people avoid using it and turn to pix_write,
recordmydesktop and miscellaneous exotic workarounds.

So I guess it is related to the source code (i read the archive of
gem-dev about hard coded 20fps and the many pd crashes that occur ) and
I was wondering if there was a way have its bugs corrected (be it by the
magical powers of a bounty) or will it stay postponed to the Greek

Is it more reasonable to patch a woraround with pix_write?

Thanks for any advice or opinion.


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