[PD] Pd + asterisk?

Russell Bryant russell at russellbryant.net
Wed Dec 26 22:04:47 CET 2007

Chris wrote:
> I tried it first with 48KHz and only got noise

I'm surprised it didn't just crash, actually.  :)

I have made a lot of fixes to the resampling code.  I think it works now, but
haven't been able to test since my last set of changes.

> A really long delay, but that may was because of my setup... (ISDN <->
> Asterisk <-> IAX over Wlan <-> Asterisk with Jack) ;)

Ha, yes, there is a little bit of noticeable delay in that setup ...

> Pd patch was a really simple [adc~ 1] for audio input from the first
> jack-channel, a [osc~ 440] for testing and a [dac~ 1] for audio output
> to the first jack-channel
> When I connected the osc~ with the dac~ I heard nothing at my phone,
> when I connected the adc~ from asterisk to a dac~ patched to alsa I
> neither heard a thing from the phone.

Oh, alright.  That makes sense...

> I don't know if you can patch two jack-channels together in pd, telling
> app_jack to connect it's channel to a specific pd-channel would be
> really easy, but having Pd handling it would be more flexible. Anyway,
> sending something to pd, that there's a new caller definitely is a good
> idea for various reasons.

Thanks for the feedback.  Adding a feature to app_jack such that you can not
just create the ports, but have them connected to some other jack ports sounds
like a reasonable feature to add.  Like you said, having more control over
connecting jack ports via Pd sounds more flexible, but that will take me some
more time to figure out.  :)

Thanks again for the feedback.  It is very much appreciated.


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