[PD] complex metronomes sequencing problem (Frank Barknecht)

Libero Mureddu libero.mureddu at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 14:54:39 CET 2007

Thanks it worked (about the RTC-lib)!

I have another question about your ioi-sequencer (very nice indeed!),
my problem is that I would like to have a possibility to move forward
(or backward) in time, especially if I give as messages value as [1.6(
and [1.7(  respectively: with the sequence you put, is quite easy to
calculate when the pattern obtained is going to repeat, and then work
with it compositionally. But with the "phasing" value that I want to
use, the whole created pattern  is very long in time, and I still
would like to have a precise control into it.
What I really like in your example is the possibility to send messages
of any length on the fly, but how could I then have a master tempo
counter (if it is what it is required) and still have this

Some suggestions?



Libero Mureddu hat gesagt: // Libero Mureddu wrote:

> I have a question about how to install the RTC library on MacOs Pd-extended:
> I made a folder called "my-pd-libraries" and added to the pd path (I
> do this always with max, so it's easy for me to know which libraries I
> have installed), I also put "rtc" in the "preferences->startup".
> Unfortunately now the pd-window shows only the loading of "GEM" at
> startup, the RTC seems to work, but the other libraries are not
> loaded. Which is the right way to install it? It would be nice also to
> have access to other libraries from the pd-browser; is there a way to
> do that?

The RTC-library is not a compiled library like Gem, but a collection
of Pd patches. So you just add the "rtc" directory to your Pd path and
that's it. Try to create a "RTC-Overview" object for the overview.
Several objects are still missing, but most objects should create and

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