[PD] SSSAD polypoly

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Sat Dec 29 10:07:14 CET 2007


For a drumbox project, I wanted to parse more than velocity and note 
parameter to a voice, like pitch, envelope, FX, ... My first idea was 
about multiplexing all values and parse them into note and velocity 
input of [poly] object, and with the sound number, retrieve everything 
from arrays. This works fine but this comes more complicated for storing 
all the values into a preset file, and the patching is heavy.

  Then I tried to use SSSAD instead of multiplexing, the patching became 
very clear and light, but I went into a scheduling problem.

  Each time a drum instrument is played, the instrument name goes to the 
second inlet of [polypoly], and in my voice abstraction, [set( is 
trigged to [SSSAD_ADMIN(.

  I use the drum instrument name for routing the output of [r SSSSAD].

  When different drums are played at the same time, the parameters are 
mixed together, I couldn't find out a solution for resolving this.

  I could work around some footils examples to show this issue through 
examples...For the moment here is a share of the files I am working on:


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