[PD] Pix_record issue

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Dec 30 11:29:19 CET 2007

Olivier Heinry wrote:
> Hi,
> there's a problem with the pix_record object which is atm makes it
> totally unusable on debian testing. Unofortunately for me , I did a
> patch which relies on it, and that used to work until May , and when I
> reopened it in December dont work any more. Neither the official Debian
> package of Gem nor Pd-extended or CVS compiled version work. I asked

that is very weird, as afair at least the debian package doesn't even 
feature the [pix_record] object.
if it does, then this gets even weirder, as the debian package has not 
been updated for a long time (it is still the last official 0.90 release)
the only thing that has changed on the debian side is quicktime 
(upgraded from libquicktime0 to libquicktime1), so it might be related 
to that.

> So I guess it is related to the source code (i read the archive of
> gem-dev about hard coded 20fps and the many pd crashes that occur ) and

the hardcoding of 20fps should do nothing to the stability of the object.
the only drawback of this is, that the recorded movie will be played 
back (by other media-players than Gem; which respect the framerate) at 
the wrong speed (too slow, too fast)

> I was wondering if there was a way have its bugs corrected (be it by the
> magical powers of a bounty) or will it stay postponed to the Greek
> calendas?

- file a bug-report (please file it at pd-gem's tracker not at the 
pure-data tracker)
- what goes wrong (i know that you "have problems with [pix_record] 
making it totally unusable on debian testing". but which problems?
- which codec are you using?
- post tracebacks.

> Is it more reasonable to patch a woraround with pix_write?

not very reasonable (though working)

i would prefer having [pix_record] fixed.


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