[PD] Subject: can't see objects Pd-0.40.3-extended-20071228-windowsxp-i386.exe

Ingo Scherzinger ingo at miamiwave.com
Sun Dec 30 12:27:14 CET 2007

Eversince 0.40.3- extended certain objects are invisible on my  two machines
(AMD Windows XP SP2).


Object, Message, Number, Symbol Comment, Graph cannot be seen on loading
existing patches or after inserting them from the put menue.

Array can be put. Values and titel can be seen but no border.

All other objects can be put, seen and their values can be changed


I know the objects are there because they appear in text mode.

They also react to the gui since somtimes when I click on certain spots it
is printing something.

I can also move the "invisible" object somwhere else and now when I click
there it is printing the same thing.


So, what's wrong? How can I fix this?


And why does "ctrl + click" do the same thing as "right click" lately?

I cannot change values anymore without leaving edit mode (btw, I can't see
in the menu if it is checked or not)



Ingo Scherzinger


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