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Tue Jan 1 18:44:39 CET 2008

2007/12/30, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at>:
> Olivier Heinry wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > there's a problem with the pix_record object which is atm makes it
> > totally unusable on debian testing. Unofortunately for me , I did a
> > patch which relies on it, and that used to work until May , and when I
> > reopened it in December dont work any more. Neither the official Debian
> > package of Gem nor Pd-extended or CVS compiled version work. I asked
> that is very weird, as afair at least the debian package doesn't even
> feature the [pix_record] object.
> if it does, then this gets even weirder, as the debian package has not
> been updated for a long time (it is still the last official 0.90 release)
> the only thing that has changed on the debian side is quicktime
> (upgraded from libquicktime0 to libquicktime1), so it might be related
> to that.

Well, I just reinstalled a debian stable instead of lenny (too much
maintainance) , installed  Pd-extended  0.39-3 from the Sourceforge link and
pix_record works again. (CVS version compiled 2007 Oct. 21st).

> So I guess it is related to the source code (i read the archive of
> > gem-dev about hard coded 20fps and the many pd crashes that occur ) and
> the hardcoding of 20fps should do nothing to the stability of the object.
> the only drawback of this is, that the recorded movie will be played
> back (by other media-players than Gem; which respect the framerate) at
> the wrong speed (too slow, too fast)


The really annoying bug is the following: if you use pix_record as a
top-level object such as in the help file.
Once you nest it into an abstraction and/or subpatch, it works the first
time you record, crashes the second time.

It behaves this way on my x86 Debian Etch box,
libquicktime is  libquicktime0 (0.9.7-1)
Benjamin Cadon told me the same happened to him
(Benjamin,  could you post your details?) .

I gave a try to Pure:Dyne's Gem version
pix_record from puredyne-2.3.66-DVD-RC1 and
beahves the same as described before
pix_record from puredyne-2.3.66-DVD-RC2 is
doesnt create at all)

> I was wondering if there was a way have its bugs corrected (be it by the
> > magical powers of a bounty) or will it stay postponed to the Greek
> > calendas?
> - file a bug-report (please file it at pd-gem's tracker not at the
> pure-data tracker)


> >
> > Is it more reasonable to patch a woraround with pix_write?
> not very reasonable (though working)
> i would prefer having [pix_record] fixed.

me too! One workaround that benjamin did is to reinstatiaate the abstraction
after each recording

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