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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
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On Dec 19, 2007, at 6:18 AM, PORRES wrote:

> ok, here is what I got! They are quite personal news so far, but  
> they have some important implications.
> & The news are (And they have been released to the public only  
> Yesterday!!!):
> I have officially finished my Master`s Degree, and have been  
> aproved at the Doctor`s degree program at USP (State University of  
> Sao Paulo).


> So, last few months were kinda crazy to me coz I had to move to Sao  
> Paulo, Finish writting my Master`s dissertatin, and apply and pass  
> the exams for the doctorate, including learning a second foreign  
> language.
> This means that in the meantime I could only spread the idea in the  
> word of mouth fashion, and tried to gather some people on a mailing  
> list. The list is rather shy up tp this moment. So the thing I need  
> to do is spend more time (now that I am kinda free) gathering the  
> people and the comunities.
> So, I have settled down in Sao Paulo and I can check things for an  
> event here!
> I am at the State University of Sao Paulo (USP), which is an  
> Institution that can gladly support this kind of event.
> Oh, even more interesting, I am part now of a research group at USP  
> that is focused on computer music and interacton. We are preparing  
> a project for fundings to this group just now. If all goes well,  
> this doesn`t necessarily mean we will have tons of cash for an  
> event like the pdcon, but it is a start. Nevertheless, the people  
> in this research group is interested in working with pd and all :)

There are a number of foundations that could be interested in  
sponsoring this.  I think Rockefeller and Langlois both have an  
interest in technology and latin america.  That stuff can take a long  
time, so it would be good to start the contact now.  Perhaps some of  
the pdmtl/pdcon-mtl people have more info and contacts.

> So Again, I have finally settled down and will start gathering  
> people... the idea is to promote some local events, and come up,  
> from this events, with a comitee to organize events nationally,  
> latin americally, and worls widely. So the next PdCon can happen  
> some time in 2009.
> Now, what are you giy`s expectation, ideas, etc, etc etc?

It would be great to have something like the Montreal PdCon, where  
there is a mix of art groups, community groups, and academia.  I  
think this mix would be more likely to get grants than just an  
academic conference.  The Montreal crew put together a really nice,  
big event, but the first was small and good too.

One thing that is going to be quite important is getting travel  
assistance for lots of people, so that we can bring people who can't  
afford to pay it on their own, or don't have a university or company  
that is willing to pay.


> Cheers
> Alexandre Torres Porres
> Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at eds.org> wrote:
> Sounds like good news, keep us posted!  Do you have any ideas for  
> when you would have this event?
> .hc
> On Dec 10, 2007, at 10:40 AM, PORRES wrote:
>> So guys, I will get back to you after the 18th, when we`ll have a  
>> meeting here, then I will have some stuff to say... I am about to  
>> move to Sao Paulo and maybe get into the doctorate at the State  
>> University of sao Paulo, which is interested in sediating and  
>> supporting the event.
>> Any great questions or some expectations so far?
>> cheers
>> Alexandre Torres Porres
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