[PD] pd on macbook pro

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jan 2 20:36:36 CET 2008

patrick wrote:
> hi,
> should i install ubuntu 32 bits or 64 bits on a macbook pro (intel 64 
> bits). if i go for ubuntu 64 bits, will i be able to use pd-extended or 

no, you need at least pd-0.41 (test, or final release to come).
afaik, it will take some time till pd-extended gets there.

> be able to compile most of the externals for this architecture? OR maybe 

most externals might run fine.
i am using Pd on 64bit systems, and all the stuff _i_ need works without 
problems (but then, i don't need so much externals)

> it's possible to have the OS in 64 bits, but using the 32 bits version 
> of pd???

yes this is possible.
however, i found that my 32bit chroot became devastated after some time 
- but it think things are now easier to setup than they used to be.


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