[PD] [OT] slightly: building audio computer with PD

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Wed Jan 2 21:19:15 CET 2008

Come to think of it, are there any Linux distros for x86 architectures 
which don't use this multi-user/networked server paradigm and instead 
follow the "embedded" model more closely? This would be very interesting 
for exactly the situations I describe, where you would want the computer 
to behave more like a dedicated DSP unit or something similar, which 
just gets switched on and off with the mains like everything else in the 
rack without fooling around with screen, mouse or keyboard. I suppose a 
pushbutton wired to a "shutdown" script might do the trick too, but I'd 
rather go with something more bulletproof and requiring less attention.


Derek Holzer wrote:
> The whole idea of read-only is for two reasons:
> 1) To protect the HD in case of unexpected shutdowns (which could happen 
> nightly in a typical museum situation)
> 2) To preserve the CF memory, which has a limited number of write 
> cycles, in the case of a HD-less system
> If the computer needs to be networked, then you might be moving away 
> from the situation I have in mind, mainly an audio/video system in a 
> gallery or museum. Another situation for this would be a "headless" 
> computer for live stage performance, where you would often be powering 
> it up and down like any other effects unit or sound module. (Unless 
> you're one of those weirdos that likes typing on the laptop in front of 
> crowds...)

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