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Thu Jan 3 16:26:56 CET 2008

Patrice Colet hat gesagt: // Patrice Colet wrote:

>  It's fun, I try to replace memento by sssad, some others tries to 
> replace sssad by memento after coll has been replaced by SSSAD, and 
> maybe they will try later to replace as well memento by sssad (mostly if 
> it has an OSCx bridge, and the grouping of SSSAD_ADMIN messages in a 
> single abstraction only, instead of adressing all patchers, with the use 
> of $0).

I actually plan since quite a while to do just that. The idea is, that
[sssad] could optionally be created as [sssad /TAG $0] and internally,
if the value of $2 ($0 of parent) is greater than 0, an additional
send/receive bus will be created that is local to that abstraction.
(Those who know Memento will recognize the parallels to [commun /TAG
$0] and [originator /SUPERTAG $0].) 

There will be no direct support for OSC in [sssad] unless Miller
decides to include some OSCroute-variant in plain Pd, as sssad will
never require externals. However one could probably build some simple
wrappers around sssad to enable OSC pattern matching which is one
feature Memento has, but sssad hasn't. The third missing feature of
sssad is substates, but I believe, even these are better built as
wrappers, and anyway substates would need to be addressed, when local
parameter passing is done.

In the end, Memento and sssad will marry and live happily thereafter.

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