[PD] [OT] slightly: building audio computer with PD

Olivier Heinry olivier.heinry at manga-burgah.net
Fri Jan 4 17:49:27 CET 2008

Le Tue, 1 Jan 2008 22:28:10 +0100,
Peter Plessas <plessas at mur.at> a écrit :

> * Derek Holzer <derek at umatic.nl> [2008-01-01 22:18]:
> > Either way could work, the ramdisk is a particularly good idea. Unless 
> > the installation is networked, there's not too much need for logfiles in 
> > the classic server or multiuser environment sort of sense. You could 
> > probably also just disable to logging daemon by removing it from the 
> > boot scripts using rc-update (on Gentoo at least, or with another 
> > distro-specific equivalent). I imagine that logging would simply just 
> > fail quietly if the partition were read-only... I mean, what would log 
> > the fact that the logs weren't logging? ;-)
> Right, that's a nice point in particular! Thanks for the hints!

You may also use Pure:Dyne, boot from CD, nest to a USB CF media. No HD needed.

If you have lots of RAM available and really need to write something, just use /dev/shm which is a kind of advanced RAM disk available on most Linux distros. Use a bash script to copy video/audio files & patches from the CD/DVD to /dev/shm in RAM  at startup and symlink them to your /home or /tmp


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