[PD] MIDI on Win XP

Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Fri Jan 4 20:07:53 CET 2008

Anton Hörnquist a écrit :
> On Jan 4, 2008 6:16 PM, Patrice Colet <pat at mamalala.org> wrote:
>> What is this error message?
> In the Pd window:
> Warning: midi input is dangerous in Microsoft Windows\; see Pd manual)

Ah, this is not related with ctlin, I'm using sometimes midiin and 
midiout for handling MTC and MIDI clock, i haven't see a pd related 
problem yet with these objects.

> XP problem for me, it's a Pd problem. As I wrote, other programs work
> fine, no latency at all. When I only use the midi system of Pd it
> works fine. But when I use both the audio and midi system in Pd, there
> is delay in incoming midi.

Thanks for giving this precious precision, i didn't understand it in the 
first message, and forgot to ask what version of pd are you using?

  I've never been into this kind of problem with all win32 pd versions I 
tried, and I'm actually on Pd version 0.41-0test05.

  Even if i couldn't be on any help, maybe your answers will drive pd 
devels to find out a solution.


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