[PD] MIDI on Win XP

jeremaja niko jeremaja.niko at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 4 22:09:10 CET 2008

i think i remember a similar problem
in my case i have 2 soundcard: via-integrated and m-audio-delta1010
similar (or same) latency problem ocured when i was using midi from 
"m-audio" and audio engine on my "via".
so im using always my m-audio card for everything (anyway better;)
i think that it may be the problem of cheap soundcard, or the drivers 
for it. maybe you can try some stuff like asio4all and try to run it 
with this driver, maybe try with a better quality soundcard...
my only recommendation is to try all possibilities with your audio-midi 
connections :)
hope this brings u somwhere

Anton Hörnquist wrote:
> On Jan 4, 2008 6:16 PM, Patrice Colet <pat at mamalala.org> wrote:
>>> with Pd (Win XP) but I'm running into problems. When I move a knob on
>>> the midi controller there is a delay of at least one second until the
>>> controller data show up in the Pd window (I simply output controllers
>>> using the [ctlin] object). This delay makes it pretty much unusable. I
>> did you try MIDI controllers with another software?
> Yes - the controller works perfectly with the other software I've
> tested it with (Ableton Live, Max/MSP, MIDI-OX)
>>> tried different command line arguments to find something that could
>>> speed things up and I managed to get quick midi input through the
>>> [ctlin] object, if I used -noaudio. But I'd like to use the audio
>>> system, so that's not really an option for me. Is MIDI on Win XP Pd
>>> really this bad? There is a warning message showing up in the Pd window
>>> when using MIDI on windows.
>> What is this error message?
> In the Pd window:
> Warning: midi input is dangerous in Microsoft Windows\; see Pd manual)
>> MIDI on XP is bad indeed, and I have to run my midi application under
>> linux to get a latency lower than human sound perception, without
>> artefacts, and with a cheap soundcard.
>>  If you know a bit about development you might be interested about this:
>> http://msdn.microsoft.com/archive/default.asp?url=/archive/en-us/dnargame/html/msdn_mlatency.asp
>>  Anyway, I suggest to have a deep look into your computer configuration,
>> you might have a problem with the system.
> Thanks for the link, I'll look into it! But this is not a general Win
> XP problem for me, it's a Pd problem. As I wrote, other programs work
> fine, no latency at all. When I only use the midi system of Pd it
> works fine. But when I use both the audio and midi system in Pd, there
> is delay in incoming midi.
> Cheers
> Anton
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