[PD] MIDI on Win XP

Ingo Scherzinger ingo at miamiwave.com
Sat Jan 5 10:08:06 CET 2008

>MIDI on XP is bad indeed, and I have to run my midi application under linux
>to get a latency lower than human sound perception, without artefacts, and
>with a cheap soundcard.

I am running PD on several Windows XP machines with a latency of 3 ms (both
souncard and pd).
I have RME HDSP, Midiman Audiophile 2494 and AC97 souncards on those
Even a cheap (intel) mini itx board with a Celeron 1,33 GHz CPU and an AC97
souncard works flawlessly here at 3 ms.

Actually any combination is working. Of course the RME and Midiman cards
have a lot lower CPU consumption (around 20%) than the AC97.

I also have MIDI running with no proplem as long as I don't edit the patch.
Editing a patch screws up MIDI timing so bad after some time that I have to
restart the entire machine in order to get straight timing back.

BTW I'm working at the moment on a very complex sampling engine that
requires a lot of juice. So it's not just a simple MIDI in/out patch I'm
doing this with.

The conclusion is: if you don't get pd to run on Windows XP there is
something wrong with your Windows configuration! Get a clean install and
optimize everything for audio performance and it will work.

Ingo Scherzinger

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