Patrice Colet pat at mamalala.org
Sun Jan 6 04:02:03 CET 2008

Frank Barknecht a écrit :

> if the value of $2 ($0 of parent) is greater than 0, an additional
> send/receive bus will be created that is local to that abstraction.

Genious! I've an idea how to add this and couldn't wait to get this 
feature, it's attached.

> There will be no direct support for OSC in [sssad] unless Miller
> decides to include some OSCroute-variant in plain Pd, as sssad will
> never require externals. However one could probably build some simple
> wrappers around sssad to enable OSC pattern matching which is one
> feature Memento has, but sssad hasn't. The third missing feature of
> sssad is substates, but I believe, even these are better built as
> wrappers, and anyway substates would need to be addressed, when local
> parameter passing is done.
> In the end, Memento and sssad will marry and live happily thereafter.
> Ciao

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