[PD] per-pixel time based(with memory) effects, is it possible with fragment shaders?

Batuhan Bozkurt batuhan at batuhanbozkurt.com
Sun Jan 6 10:21:57 CET 2008


Let me start off by saying that I don't have much experience with 
computer graphics, so my knowledge is very limited on this area, I'm 
more of an audio guy but I have some ideas in mind that would apply to 
graphics well. I just want to experiment.

I want to give a simple example to show my question. Suppose I have a 
video running and I want to delay each pixel between 0 and a maximum 
time seperately. This is the most basic time based effect I can think 
of. So for a 320x200 video for example, I would need 64000 delaying 
units running seperately and to be able to do this in realtime, I think 
I'd need to use GPU for computation.

So I'm thinking of using pixel shaders. But I'm not really sure if this 
is possible or not with it. I grabbed the orange book to have an idea 
about the process, I did not have much time tolook in detail but I could 
not find any references to such an operation that made me think that I'm 
on the wrong track. So before going any further learning GLSL, I'd like 
to have your ideas on this.

Is GLSL along with GEM is a nice way to do such an operation? Is it even 
possible to do it in realtime?
If GPU powered realtime operation is not possible, is there any tool 
that you know that is capable of doing such things(realtime or offline)? 
I have many ideas on processes that modifies pixels which are dependant 
on the states of pixels before them(i.e. with memory) and I'm trying to 
find a way to implement them. Any help is appreciated.


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