[PD] mrpeach tcpclient float to string decoder, mayby str ?

Damien Henry - Voxler damien.henry at voxler.fr
Sun Jan 6 22:02:47 CET 2008

Hello !

I'm testing tcpclient from mrpeach, my goal is to use julian
(http://julius.sourceforge.jp/en_index.php?q=en/index.html) as an hmm
decoder for realtime speech recogition.
I use tcpclient to establish the link beetween julian and it works
Of course tcpclient returns lists of floats as it is designed for this,
but i need to convert thoses lists of floats to list of symbols.

I've guess that the str object (also from mrpeach) is there for this
purpose, is it right ?
Anyway I don't succed to create some outlets of the str object (I've
read the doc, the lib is well installed, and some dummy str are created,
even when I pass an argument to it).

So here my 2 questions :
1) is STR the solution, and then how to use it ?
2) if str is not design to transforms the lists of floats into strings,
does somebody has already done this and whant to share it with me ?

Thanks in advance,

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