[PD] New external for the wii remote (linux)

Yvan Vander Sanden yvan at youngmusic.org
Sun Jan 6 23:04:09 CET 2008


Just to let you know, i've rewritten the wiimote external. It needed a 
big rewrite to be compatible with the latest libcwiid library, which 
claims to have better support for IR and stuff. I've also made several 
other changes, but none breaks things with the old version of the 
external (except that you have to load it as a library). There's also 
experimental support for the classic controller, for example. But it 
would be nice to get some feedback about that since I do not have any 
extensions myself, so these things are untried.

This is my first external for a more general audience (ie not only 
myself) so please mail me if you have suggestions or bug reports.

check it out at: http://youngmusic.org/wiki/index.php/Wiilib

Also, I've tried to contact the original author of the wiimote external, 
but got an error from his mailserver. So Mike, if you're on this list 
too, that's why i did not contact you in advance :-) Hope you don't mind.



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