[PD] gem: can't load library

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Jan 7 09:41:00 CET 2008

Agent Engram wrote:
> i am on fedora

thanks for this piece of information.
afaik, there are even gem packages in the CCRMA-repositories.

> here is what about said about build-essential:
> Definition: *build-essential*: Informational list of build-essential 
> packages If you do not plan to build Debian packages, you don't need 
> this package. Moreover this package is not required for building Debian 
> packages. This package contains an informational list of packages which 
> are considered essential for building Debian packages.

what you do need is a c++-compiler.
this answers your question "who uses g++, i dont even know how to get it.":
g++ is _the_ gnu c++ compiler. almost everyone who wants to compile C++ 
on linux (and os-x, btw) uses it. since Gem is written in C++ (as 
opposed to Pd, which is written in C), you need g++.

> is gem dependent on debian?

no, not at all.
it is just that most people (including me) are using (a) debian 
(flavour, like ubuntu); that's why there is a bias in the documentation.

since i don't know fedora so much, i will give you generic instructions:
- try to use an interactive (graphical or text-based; whatever you 
prefer) package-manager frontend, where you can search for packages and 
select them. search for "g++" and see what it gives you.
- ask the mother of all evil, google, what it gives you with "fedora 
g++"; at least here the first four hits deal exactly with your problem

btw, you will need _a lot_ of other packages as well, if you want to 
have fun with Gem.
they should be listed in some README.linux
(read through the debian section; the packages on fedora should be named 


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