[PD] gridflow #record

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Tue Jan 8 04:27:31 CET 2008

hi olsen

i am not sure, if this helps you, but this is how i create movies using

1) 'open movie.mov' -> [#out]
2) 'framerate 25' -> [#out]
3) 'codec jpeg' -> [#out]
4) send some grids to [#out]
5) 'close' -> [#out]

note: the 'close' message is mandatory, since otherwise the resulting
file is corrupted (i assume because of a lacking or wrong index). afaik,
it also matters in which order you send those messages, e.g you have to
first open a movie and _then_ send the specifications such as codec and

excuse me, if this seems too obvious, but [#out] behaves differently
from other video writing objectclasses in pd, because [#out] can be used
either to display grids, write images or write movies. that is why the
order of messages is critical, whereas it isn't e.g for [pix_record].

this works for me. if it doesn't for you, tell us exactly, what you do,
what messages you get in the pd-window and and probably provide us a
short .mov file, that is apparantly corrupted.


On Sun, 2008-01-06 at 23:54 +0100, olsen wolf wrote:
> hi
> anyone used gridflows #record? playback of the file in gridflow itself
> works but when i'm trying to play the file in mplayer i get the error
> message: "hmblck: image size inconsistent with data size." & mencoder
> neither likes to reencode it...
> thanks for help & greets
> olsen

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