[PD] gem: can't load library

Agent Engram agentengram at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 09:00:21 CET 2008

wow, thats really bad news considering I cant figure out how to get the Pd
distro to work on fedora.

i guess I am going to have to go to windows, getting Gem and pd to work took
about 5 minutes, so far I have spent two days (~12 hrs) trying to get it to
run on fedora. oh well I really wanted to get this working on linux. I know
some of you say its easy but I have been using linux for 6 years admittedly
not as an expert, but I am a no dummy either, and pd is still not fully
working. I know my case was wrong on pd -lib gem but I changed the case to
pd -lib Gem and it still fails. Sorry to vent I am just so frustrated, and
next I face trying to get a webcam to work when the phillips driver is gone.

you see I am trying to build a reactable. I have most of it working in
windows but it really *should* be  a linux device.

I REALLY appreciate everyones help so far.


On Jan 7, 2008 6:05 AM, Patrice Colet <pat at mamalala.org> wrote:

> Agent Engram a écrit :
> > i am on fedora
> >
> I could never build Gem on Fedora, anyone have done it?

i am an agent implanted into your unconscious when you abducted by the
travelers. look for signs of me in your life.
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