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Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Tue Jan 8 13:54:40 CET 2008

Search for "bass shaker" or "bass driver". Aura is one of the main brand 
names for these. These are bass transducers designed for home theaters 
and car audio systems. The idea is to put them in the seat and the bass 
literally kicks you in the ass. I used them to resonate a huge structure 
of construction scaffolding once. They are usually approx EUR 25.


Difference between these and solenoids is that you drive these directly 
with audio, meaning you need a multichannel soundcard to drive several. 
Solenoids get driven by DC voltage via a transistor (which in Roman's 
case is driven by a microconotroller/Arduino), so the cost per channel 
is much lower.


PSPunch wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would first like to apologize that this is totally unrelated to Pd.
> However I figured that this list is the most likely place to find an
> answer among the communities I subscribe to.
> Years ago I used some driver units to playback super low frequencies,
> down from the inaudible up to probably 100Hz at most.
> It was more like a chunk of steel designed to mount on any surface
> expecting it to resonate. These units were also very inexpensive and ran
> for 10s or 20s of US dollars I think.
> Today when I search for driver units of such kinds, all I can find are
> ones which look more like speaker cones and not exactly what I recall.
> Does anyone know of where to look, or keywords pointing to such
> products? and hopefully places I can purchase them online?
> BTW, of course the goal is to drive some of these using PD, inspired by
> Roman's work using solenoids  :)
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