[PD] netclient [netclient]... couldn't create

Agent Engram agentengram at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 07:26:58 CET 2008

1. Building reactable
2. couldnt get CCRMA binaries to work on fedora, unknown cause, floating
point error
3. built PD, PD working, but had problems with Gem
4. built Gem with lots of help from friends, Gem working
5. now wants all extended capabilities, especially all sound and networking
to work

well it seems as though even though Pd and Gem seem to work when I try to
get my netclient loaded it fails and says something like ...couldn't create.

do I need to build some more stuff? I want everything in extended to work.

agent engram

i am an agent implanted into your unconscious when you abducted by the
travelers. look for signs of me in your life.
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