[PD] netclient [netclient]... couldn't create

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jan 10 09:34:57 CET 2008

Agent Engram wrote:
> History...
> 1. Building reactable
> 2. couldnt get CCRMA binaries to work on fedora, unknown cause, floating 
> point error

it would be a good idea to file a bug-report at planetCCRMA.
most likely this is related to you being on amd64... (too few testers 
that provide feedback...)

> 3. built PD, PD working, but had problems with Gem
> 4. built Gem with lots of help from friends, Gem working


> 5. now wants all extended capabilities, especially all sound and 
> networking to work
> well it seems as though even though Pd and Gem seem to work when I try 
> to get my netclient loaded it fails and says something like ...couldn't 
> create.

well [netclient] is an _external_ (as: it doesn't come with pd-vanilla).
you will need to get the sources from the CVS and build it yourself.

have you read my email about "PD server"? it might save you a lot of time...

> do I need to build some more stuff? I want everything in extended to work.

if you want to compile pd-extended for yourself, check out


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