[PD] poor performance when saving an abstraction when many copies are loaded in a patch

hard off hard.off at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 11:08:17 CET 2008

something that is really slowing down my work recently:

in some patches i need to have hundreds of copies of the same
abstraction.  to save just one copy of the abstraction would only take
a fraction of a second, but when i have many hundreds of copies, pd is
really stumbling to get these abstractions all renewed to the new
saved version.  it seems to be some kind of bottleneck situation,
where the time taken to re-initialize these abstractions together is
much longer than it would be to initialize them all seperately.

in some cases it gets so bad that the only option i have is to close
my master patch, open up a single version of the abstraction needed,
edit and save it, and then re-open the master patch.  kinda messy
workaround though.

is this a known flaw?  are there any good workarounds?

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