[PD] how to build externals in xcode?

Andreas Jäger andreas_jaeger at gmx.de
Fri Jan 11 11:57:04 CET 2008

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to build externals (for Mac OS X) in Xcode. Since I  
couldn't find much information on how to do that, it's basically just  
trial and - most of all - error. For the start, I tried to build the  
helloworld-Example from the external-tutorial. There are two main  
problems (probably related):
1. When I'm just trying to compile helloworld.c (alternatively main.c  
- which one ist right?), I get 6 or 7 error messages about some  
function calls that I can't determine
2. When using the linker flag "-undefined dynamic_lookup" I can  
compile the code without problems (maybe I'm just overriding them?).  
But after copiing the resulting helloworld.pd_darwin (is the name  
right?) pd crashes right after I tried to make a helloworld-Object.

Maybe it'll help if I give you some short explanation of what I did  
at all:

1. I built an Xcode project from the "standard tool" template
2. I copied the helloworld-code into helloworld.c
3. I imported m_pd.h into the project
4. I added the "-undefined dynamic_lookup" flag
5. I set the product name to helloworld.pd_darwin
6. I compiled the code and copied the resulting helloworld.pd_darwin  

To complete the list: I'm using pd extended 0.39.3 on Mac OS X Tiger.

Any ideas what's wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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