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matteo sisti sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 13:57:13 CET 2008


Is there a place where one can find detailed documentation about how
fiddle~ behaves? For example, a less cryptic explanation of the
meaning of the "vibrato" parameters than is found in the help patch?
And of how it decides when to output a new "cooked" picth value?

I already checked M.Puckette's article cited in the help patch, but it
doesn't explain much more (from a behaviour/usage point of view of

Another question about fiddle.
I'd like to be able to distinguish between a signal with a pitch and a
signal without a picth. It seems to me that fiddle always outputs its
"best guess" no matter how reliable it is. Is there a way to tell it
to output a pitch when it thinks it is reliable, and a 0 when it
thinks it isn't?

I think some pitch tracking algorithms do provide an estimation of the
"quality" of the calculated pitch - i guess it is not the case of
fiddle, is it?

Any suggestion to obtain an estimation of whether the signal has a pitch or not?

I thought I may use the third outlet and evaluate whether it outputs a
very randomly-varying number; however, with a [noise~] as input, it
mostly outputs values between 90 and 110 and some 0 every once in a

Thanks in advance

Matteo Sisti Sette
matteosistisette at gmail.com

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